Total funds raised and donated since 12/09/2012
(Includes reserve funds in hand.)

A big thank you to all our supporters, sponsors and friends who made all this possible.

Current fundraising project: 

We do not have a current appeal.


Other donations and disbursements

Donations made:

01/11/2012 – 31/03/2014:  £3,260.56 raised plus £265.50 gift aid = £3,526.06 donated via JustGiving site to WWT Slimbridge Spoon-billed Sandpiper captive breeding programme.

16/08/2013 – 30/09/2013: £187.83 ($350.00AU) raised and donated to BirdLife Australia Hooded Plover Appeal.

01/10/2013 – 17/09/2014: £1,128.50 raised and donated to BirdLife Australia Hooded Plover Appeal.

05/03/2014 £20.94 (US$35.00) - Donated to Western Snowy Plover appeal. Audubon California.

20/03/2014 £20.94 (US$35.00) - Donated to Galveston oil spill appeal. Audubon, Texas.

24/03/2015 £34.41 (US$50.00) - Donated to Waders in Working Wetlands - Shorebird Extravaganza.

26/03/2015 £53.02 (AUD100.00) - Donated to STOP Shorebirds from Dying BirdLife Australia. 

20/07/2015 £10.00 - Donated to Saint Helena National Trust 'Adopt a Wirebird' (St Helena Plover).

18/12/2015: £95.73 (AUD200.00) - Donated to BirdLife Australia for the Silent Shorebird Crisis Appeal.

29/12/2015: £141.27 (US$ 200.00) - Donated to South Island Wildlife Hospital.

07/01/2016: £199.85 (R$1,125.00) -  Donated to Conectando os Pontos donated via Kickante site.

06/04/2016: £100.72 (NZ$200.00) - Donated to Pukorokoro Miranda Trust for purchase of Robert Findlay Reserve.

20/04/2016: £100.00 - Donated to Mary Colwell for The Curlew Walk.

22/01/2017: £100.00 - Donated to Staffordshire Wildlife Trust Hazel Barrow Appeal.

05/03/2017: £336.24 (AU$520.71) - Donated to Wing Threads.

14/03/2017: £94.18 (US$115.00) - Donated to Protect our Plovers; San Francisco Bird Observatory.

13/04/2017: £50.00 - Donated to the Azerbaijan research project.

05/05/2017: £153.33 (AU$265.61) - Donated to Tassie Shorebird Rescue.

13/08/2017: £50.00 - Donated to Ben's big Curlew Ride (BTO)
                    £1,500.00 - raised and donated to Humber Ringing Group for a 'phut' net

15/08/2017: £15.00 - Donated to Snettisham Hide Appeal (RSPB)

Total Donations made: £7,918.02

Wader Quest Grants Fund disbursements:

26/09/2014: £70.81 Celluloid colour rings and measuring equipment purchased for use on Javan Plover and White-headed Stilt and sent to Anak Burung Birdbanding Club, Indonesia.

29/10/2014: £133.14 Five mist nets purchased to capture and monitor wintering waders and sent to CORBIDI (Centro de Ornitología y Biodiversidad) in Paracas National Reserve, Peru.

30/10/2015 £350.00 Opticron IS70 (18-54 eyepiece) telescope and Opticron 10x50 Discovery binoculars for monitoring human disturbance on South African beaches sent to Nature's Valley Trust, Western Cape, South Africa.

17/12/2015: £55.39 Celluloid colour rings purchased for use on Javan Plover and sent to Anak Burung Birdbanding Club, Indonesia.

09/02/2016 £650.00 Colour engraved leg flags purchased for use with Nearctic waders sent to Conectando os Pontos, Paraíba, Brazil.

31/10/2016 £217.33 Ringing pliers and weighing scales for use to study migrant wader habitat selection, sent to  Migratory ecology of Charadriiforms project along the Brazilian coast.

05/12/2016 £178.12 Celluloid colour leg rings, various sizes. Migratory ecology of Charadriiforms project along the Brazilian coast.

04/04/2017: £282.02 - Donated to Humber wader Ringing Group for coded colour leg rings for Eurasian Oystercatchers.

Total disbursements from Grants Fund: £1,936.81

Total raised for Magellanic Plover Fund: £3,000.00

Total raised for Pak Thale Fund: £1,000.00


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