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Wader Conservation and ringing sites:

Austrailian Wader Study Group 
Banding and resightings 
Braided River Aid
Broome Bird Observatory 
Conservation of Snowy Plovers in Cuenta Bay
Southern Curlews
Delaware Bay Shorebird Project 
Dutch Northern Lapwing Site
East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership 
Farewell Shorebirds 
Global Flyway Network 
Greenshank: The migration story
International Wader Study Group 
Latham's Snipe Project
Long-billed Curlew Satellite tagging; Intermountain Bird Observatory 
Miranda Shorebird Centre 
Queensland Wader Study Group  
Saving the Spoon-billed Sandpiper 
Swale Wader Group
The International Schools Godwit Project
US Shorebird Conservation Plan  
Victorian Wader Study Group
Wash Wader Ringing Group 
Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network  
Wings over Wetlands 
Wing Threads; Flight To The Tundra
World Waders 

Wader related sites:

Dee Estuary Birding
From the muddy banks of the Dee.... 
New Shorebirds handbook 
Ocean Wanderers 
Shorebird Science 
Shorebirds in Japan 
Wader Tales
World Waders 
World Shorebirds Day 

Other conservation organisations:

Bird Conservation Society of Thailand
Bird Studies Canada 
The Isaac Conservation and Wildlife Trust 
Ornithological Society of New Zealand (Birds New Zealand)
UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum

Other birding sites:

A Symphony of Feathers
Biking Birder
Birdwatching Trips with The Biggest Twitch
South Lincs Archive

Optical equipment:

Inclusion of a link on this page is not an endorsement of the organisation by Wader Quest. This page is merely to supply information connected to waders, their conservation and observation which may be of interest to readers.

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